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A&E Announces Premiere of New Series 'Alaska PD' and the Return of 'The First 48' and '60 Days In'

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

A&E Network rings in the New Year with new series "Alaska PD," a commemoration of 15 years of "The First 48" and the return of "60 Days In" for its most dangerous season to date!

“Alaska PD” – Premieres on January 1st at 10pm ET/PT!

Alaska PD - Engel Entertainment's newest series for A&E

A&E Network is kicking off the New Year with an all new robust programming lineup. New series “Alaska PD” transports viewers to America’s Last Frontier where they will ride along with law enforcement officers battling not only one of the highest crime rates in the country, but also wild animals and life-threatening weather conditions. Fan favorite “60 Days In” returns for its most intense season yet in addition to a 2-hour special commemorating the 15th anniversary of “The First 48” which will launch a brand-new season of the venerable series.

Click here to watch a sneak peek at “Alaska PD,and get ready to kick off the New Year with Engel Entertainment's newest action-packed series for A&E Network!

Alaska PD
“Alaska PD” – Premieres on January 1st at 10pm ET/PT

Alaska PD” brings viewers to America’s Last Frontier, where the line between civilization and lawlessness can be razor thin.

Chronically shorthanded police departments across the state must turn to officers from the Lower 48 to fight a soaring crime rate. For the “newbies” it is a trial by fire as they learn first-hand that policing, like everything else, is different in Alaska. In a state where guns are carried as part of everyday life, officers often have to protect an entire town by themselves while enforcing laws many are unwilling to follow.

Alaska PD Premieres on A&E
Mark your calendars for the official premiere of Alaska PD on January 1st at 10pm EST!

They face numerous dangers found only in Alaska, not just from people who want to be free from the rules of society, but also from encounters with predatory animals roaming through town and sub-zero conditions that can be deadly and unrelenting. The series will follow Alaska’s law enforcement in Fairbanks, Kodiak, Kotzebue and Petersburg. New episodes will air Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT.

“Alaska PD” is produced by Engel Entertainment and Noble Savages for A&E Network. Stephanie Angelides, John X. Kim and Steven M. Engel serve executive producers for Engel Entertainment. Joe Livecchi serves as an executive producer for Noble Savages. Elaine Frontain Bryant, Amy Savitsky and Peter Tarshis serve as executive producers for A&E Network.

For more information, click here to visit the complete announcement by A&E Network!


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