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Animal Planet Renews Two Long-Running Series of RPJ Client Engel Entertainment

RPJ is proud to congratulate our client Engel Entertainment on the renewal of both long-running series North Woods Law: New Hampshire and Lone Star Law on Discovery’s Animal Planet!

 North Woods Law: New Hampshire features the Conservation Officers of New Hampshire, while Lone Star Law follows the Game Wardens of Texas as these elite officers work tirelessly to preserve and protect the wildlife and natural resources of each state “and every now and again, put a bad guy in jail.” 

The announcement comes as both shows have risen to among the top 4 in ratings on the network overall, alongside Pitt Bulls & Parolees and The Vet Life, and rank in the top 10 of shows watched by their demographic overall nationwide (adult male and female, when they are not watching Netflix, Showtime or HBO!).  Congrats to EE and thanks to our team at RPJ for assisting behind the scenes with these popular shows!


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