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Engel Entertainment Joins Director Lindsay Lindenbaum on "TOMBOY" Documentary

Engel Entertainment announced that it has officially joined the team behind the 2020 feature documentary, "TOMBOY."

Directed by Lindsay Lindenbaum and originally set to premiere at SXSW 2020, "TOMBOY" was shot over the course of five years and follows the lives of four female drummers making their way through a predominantly male-dominated industry at vastly different stages of their respective careers. Though the film focuses on the plight of female drummers, the art form they love and the stereotypes they beat back against, "TOMBOY" also takes an intimate look at the influence of women on the music and entertainment industry at large, during a time in our collective history when those dialogues are critical.

Featuring unseen archival footage, intimate portraiture, moving interviews, and some serious drumming skills, TOMBOY takes its viewers along on the bold, multi-layered journey of four women that converges in a unique celebration of the female experience that hits hard, and hits home.

Director: Lindsay Lindenbaum

Executive Producer: Engel Entertainment's Steven M. Engel, Helen D. "Heidi" Reavis, Kara Smith, Dana Springer

Producer: Eleanor Emptage

Editor: Sandra Itäinen

Distributor: Cargo Films & Releasing

Featuring: Bobbye Hall, Chase Noelle, Samantha Maloney, Bo-Pah Sledge

To learn more about the film, find out what The Hollywood Reporter, Film Threat, and more had to say about "TOMBOY" by following the links below, or click here to visit the film's official website:


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