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Lone Star Law Kicks Off Newest Season: Tuesday, May 7th on Animal Planet

Updated: May 7, 2019

For the Texas Game Wardens, the familiar surge of an adrenaline rush is just about the only predictable part of their day.

Now, with an all-new, action-packed season of Lone Star Law set to drop on Animal Planet this week, it's finally time for you to add a healthy dose of Texas-style adrenaline back into your daily routine as well.

Responsible for patrolling more than a quarter million square miles of deserts, waterways, marshes, plains and cities, an average day at the office for these dedicated men and women is always exciting, and anything but average.

Tonight, (Tuesday, May 7th) the Texas Game Wardens make their return to Animal Planet's primetime lineup with the premiere episode of Lone Star Law's newest season set to air at 9/8c.

Until then, check out the video below for an quick taste of what else you can expect to see throughout this season of Lone Star Law!

With a mosaic of characters, subject matter and storylines that unfold across countless different locations and environments throughout the enormous state of Texas, Lone Star Law has continued to captivate viewers everywhere since its very first episode in 2016.

Created and produced for Animal Planet by Engel Entertainment, Lone Star Law is a product of the same creative team responsible for bringing several other familiar titles to life including Animal Planet's hit series, North Woods Law and the Emmy-Award winning documentary film, A Walk to Beautiful.

This season, don't forget to head over to Animal Planet every Tuesday night at 9/8c for new episodes of Lone Star Law, all spring long!


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