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"North Woods Law" and "Lone Star Law" Return for All New Seasons on Animal Planet

By Rick and Christina Gables

NORTH WOODS LAW, featuring the Conservation Officers of New Hampshire Fish and Game who work tirelessly to preserve and protect New Hampshire’s natural resources, airs at 9 PM, followed by LONE STAR LAW, featuring the Texas Game Wardens patrolling the largest U.S. state in the lower 48 by truck, boat and plane at 10 PM 

          New Hampshire is a premiere destination for outdoorsmen and women because of its wild and rugged landscape, making the work of the New Hampshire Conservation Officers diverse and demanding. This season on NORTH WOODS LAW, the officers help solve a 19-year-old cold case involving a missing man with the use of new camera and sonar technologies; conduct multiple search and rescue missions, including a night rescue of an injured and exhausted teenager with autism from the windswept trails of Mount Washington; investigate hunters suspected to be involved in illegal activity; save a malnourished and disorientated hawk battling blindness; and gear up to help local police make an arrest on a massive marijuana grow operation.

    Texas Game Wardens protect Texas’ wildlife and more than 27 million citizens. They patrol over 250,000 squares miles of deserts, lakes, piney woods, bayous, plains and coast. On this season of LONE STAR LAW, Hurricane Harvey takes center stage as the Texas Game Wardens come to the aid of the victims of this natural disaster, rescuing thousands of people and bringing pets and farm animals to safety. Audiences get a front row seat to some of the lifesaving efforts that took place earlier this year in Houston and East Texas. Other stories include the efforts of the wardens as they track down an endangered whooping crane that was potentially poached; arrest one of the largest marijuana grows to date in Texas; search for answers when a federally protected hawk is found dead in a residential neighborhood; and investigate one of the largest killing sprees of deer and other animals in Texas history. The series also explores new Texas locations this season, including El Paso and Laredo.


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