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‘North Woods Law’ fans use tips from show to handle black bear

Fans of the TV show “North Woods Law” have learned a lot over the years about the woods and waters of Maine and New Hampshire.

Aired by Animal Planet, the reality show follows game wardens as they rescue lost hikers, catch poachers and help manage local wildlife. The show has also helped at least two fans who once found themselves in an alarming situation — face to face with a Maine black bear.

The following story was shared by Karen Greene of Ohio, for the BDN’s “Strange Stories from the Maine Woods” series.

A longtime fan of “North Woods Law,” Greene visits Maine twice a year for vacation. (She also plans to retire in the state.) During one of those visits, about four years ago, she and her friend Kathy Rekers decided to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail in the Rangeley Lakes area.

“We had just climbed up a steep rock face and were standing on the trail when we were aware of a warning sound from a nearby animal,” Greene said. “We looked at each other in surprise and said simultaneously, ‘North Woods Law, black bear!’”

“We’re both avid fans of the TV show,” she said. “They had just aired a piece about black bears and how to be aware of them when in the woods.”

“We learned so much from that wonderful show about staying safe in the woods,” Greene said.

Maine game wardens starred in “North Woods Law” from 2012 to 2016. Then the show moved on to follow game wardens in New Hampshire.

For more about this incredible brush with wildlife, click here for the rest of the story written by the Bangor Daily News!


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