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North Woods Law Gains Canine Fans

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Introducing North Woods Law's newest community of four-legged fans:

the North Woods Law Dogs.

Lily, shared by Instagram user, @lilybitchfacemay

Consisting of pups from all over the map, there's nothing these dogs love more than some serious couch time with their humans as they all keep up with their favorite Conservation Officers.

It's no surprise that the television show, produced for Animal Planet by Emmy-Award winning production company, Engel Entertainment, has gained its fair share of canine fans over the years. After more than ten seasons (with the eleventh currently underway) the K-9 Officers of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department as well as the Maine Warden Service have gone on to achieve some well-deserved recognition since the series first aired in 2012.

While some of the most loyal K-9 partners like Ruger, Cora and Ruby have appeared many times throughout the series, this season is in the midst of welcoming its newest soon-to-be K9 partner: Moxie.

Taylor, shared by her mom, Kristi.

Moxie's big debut on North Woods Law did not go unnoticed. Earning her first spotlight during the season premiere on August 19th, Moxie captured the hearts of viewers and their canine companions alike.

Among those most excited by Moxie's big introduction to mainstream television was most certainly Taylor, the German Shepard (left) who quite literally couldn't look away from the pup's big moment.

As Moxie grows up and begins her official training, she will assuredly continue to gain fans while following in the paw prints of Ruby, Ruger, Cora and the many other K-9 partners who have gone before her.

Besides her bright future in New Hampshire law enforcement, there's one thing she'll certainly always be able to count on, and that's the adoration (canine attention spans permitting) of her biggest fans who also happen to have four legs - the North Woods Law Dogs.

Camden loves watching North Woods Law! Photo Credit: Alisha Marie Miete

Don't forget to catch all-new episodes of North Woods Law on Animal Planet every Sunday night at 9/8c!


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