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North Woods Law Returns Tonight for an All-New Season on Animal Planet

CONCORD, NH – The latest season of North Woods Law, featuring the Conservation Officers of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department who work tirelessly to preserve and protect New Hampshire’s natural resources, premieres tonight at 9:00 p.m. on Animal Planet.

New Hampshire is a prime destination for outdoorsmen and women because of its wild and rugged landscape, making the work of New Hampshire Conservation Officers diverse and demanding. This season on North Woods Law, the officers respond to a call about an endangered rattlesnake, react to a serious accident at the Jericho ATV Festival, look into a report of a mother bear and two cubs in a residential backyard area, help a gray seal get from a tidal stream back to the ocean, attempt to rescue two hikers stranded on the treacherous Huntington Ravine, and even save a great blue heron that was hit by a car.

“We’re excited about this season of the show,” said Fish and Game Law Enforcement Chief Col. Kevin Jordan. “People have given us lots of positive feedback about how North Woods Law is serving to help the public understand the complexity of the work these officers, biologists, and all the staff at Fish and Game are doing. We hope you enjoy the new episodes!”

Earlier seasons of North Woods Law are available in their entirety on the Animal Planet Go app which allows Animal Planet audiences to catch up on full episodes of their favorite series and specials anytime, anywhere.

North Woods Law is produced for Animal Planet by Engel Entertainment where Steven Engel, Justin Silva and David Ranzino serve as executive producers. For Animal Planet, Patrick Keegan serves as supervising producer. To learn more, visit

Click here to visit the original article published by New Hampshire Fish and Game.


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