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Sea Change - World Premiere

DIRECTOR: Dana Schwartz

PRODUCER: Steven M. Engel,(Executive Producer/Producer), Helen D. (Heidi) Reavis, (Executive Producer), Dana Schwartz,( Executive Producer/ Producer), Gary Maddison (Co-producer), Kara Smith,(Co-producer), Tyler Norwood (Co-producer) EDITOR: Gary Maddison CINEMATOGRAPHER: Riaan Manser and Vasti Geldenhuys MUSIC: Strike Audio SOUND: Gramercy Post

CAST: Riaan Manser and Vasti Geldenhuys

Synopsis: One couple risks their relationship and their lives to face the ultimate survival challenge. They battle nature, predators, and each other on an endeavor to row almost 7000 miles from Africa to New York City in a rowboat, a journey never attempted before.

Using 8 GoPro cameras, they returned with 800 hours of footage to tell their story. It is a harrowing and voyeuristic tale that outlines the limits of the mind and spirit and reveals how fragile humans are in the greater ecosystem. SEA CHANGE pits the raw power of nature against the potential transcendence of love, demonstrating how the struggle to survive the elements and find peace with a loved one can weave a fascinating story of commitment, faith, hard work, and transformation.


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