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Feature Documentary, Sea Change, Makes International Debut in Morocco

Last week, the feature documentary, Sea Change, (Directed by Dana Schwartz and presented by Engel Entertainment) headed back to where it all began - back to the very shores of Morocco where the film's intrepid adventurers, Vasti and Riaan first paddled their tiny rowboat out into the unknown of the Atlantic Ocean. That night, as the setting sun brought a close to the first day of their incredible journey, they were able to glance back at the distant Moroccan shoreline for one last moment before it too slipped below the horizon. It would be the last time that Vasti and Riaan would see land for quite some time - an awareness that was not lost on them. From that moment on, their journey across the Atlantic Ocean was officially underway and there was no turning back.

What Riaan and Vasti had no way of knowing at the time, was that their historic journey across the Atlantic Ocean from the African continent to New York City would go on to become the heart-pounding documentary that is Sea Change. Naturally, and as a fate would have it, Sea Change would go on to bring the story of their love and of their adventure right back to the shores of Morocco in December of 2018.

And yet, on December 14th of this year, Sea Change was back on Moroccan soil - but this time, it wasn't to begin an adventure. Instead, Sea Change was back to share the story of Vasti and Riaan's profoundly transformative experience on the Atlantic Ocean, and to share in the spirit of adventure with likeminded filmmakers, adventurers and guests as an Official Selection of the 2018 Morocco Adventure Film Festival.

For the dedicated team who helped bring Sea Change to life, including Executive Producer, Steven M. Engel, Editor and Co-Producer, Gary Maddison and Co-Producer, Kara Smith - just to name a few - the significance of participating in the Morocco Adventure Film Festival was remarkable. For one thing, Vasti and Riaan's adventure - the story of Sea Change itself - began right there in Morocco from the coastal city of Agadir; just a few hours south of the film festival's theater in the capital city of Rabat. But the locational significance didn't stop there. When Sea Change screened on Friday night, not only was it the film's initial debut to the festival's audience of filmmakers, adventurers and enthusiasts - but it was also the very first international screening of the film! And as if that weren't enough - it was taking place right there in the very country where it all began!

Needless to say, the team's excitement over that milestone was immense, and was quickly amplified by the overarching sensations of enthusiasm, adrenaline and camaraderie between filmmakers that was seemingly everywhere at the Morocco Adventure Film Festival!

Now, we are sending out a big thank-you to the Festival's Founder and Director, Youssef El Achhab, and to the rest of his dedicated judges, critics and team members for bringing so many talented filmmakers, adventurers and enthusiasts together in Rabat for an amazing festival. Even though our team's visit to Morocco was considerably quick, they made the absolute most of what little spare time they could find - doing their best to experience as much of Morocco and its vibrant culture that they possibly could during just 4 short days.

For more photos of the Morocco Adventure Film Festival and of several incredible cities including Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and Fes, click here to head over to Engel Entertainment's Facebook page!


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